Oops! …..Oh goodness, you scared me. I thought I was the only one here on this blog page.

Hi there.  I’m just checking to see if there’s a new post. Hmmm, I see there isn’t. 

Yeah, it’s been a month since she last posted anything.

Where the hell is she?

Yeah, where the hell is she?

In her last post she sounded as though she was getting going again.

I know. Did you read that last post? She started that new project, and I was really looking forward to hearing about it.

Oh that’s right, her new project. What’s she calling it again?

It’s about talking to old people who live by themselves and …..

Oh yes! The OPLA Project, Old People Living Alone.

It seems like she just got started and then bang, she stopped.

Yeah. Something must have happened to her – I wonder what.

You know, the other day I was waiting for some stuff to download so I came here and reread some of her posts from past summers. Her birthday is in July and ……

Oh that’s right! she always posts something when it’s her birthday, she writes about what aging is like for her, what her thoughts and feelings are about it.

Yes, and it’s July now. And I think this is the year she turns 80.

What a detective you are!  So what do you think she’s doing?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. But 80 seems like a very big turning point, it’s like once you’re 80 you’re REALLY old, no two ways about it. And no matter how young you might look or feel, I think turning 80 is a huge deal.

Yeah, 80 is really old. Maybe she’s sick, in the hospital somewhere. Aw, I wish I could send her a get-well card.

Or maybe she’s died. I wonder what happens to blogs when the writer dies.

Oh god, I’m not going to imagine that. D’you know anything about her? Like what sort of family she has?

Let’s look up there at her bio, just below that photo of her tent pitched at the ocean……

Well look at that, she’s got three daughters and they live all over the world. Maybe they all got together to surprise her, maybe they kidnapped her and whisked her off to South Africa or Borneo or somewhere.

Ha! Yes! Maybe they’re all having an amazing adventure in some exotic place!

Oh! I like that idea! I’m going to hold that picture in my mind until she gets back.

Me too. And now my real life is calling me.  Bye!


10 thoughts on “THROUGH THE PEEPHOLE

  1. Happy Birthday, Liz! I have to say, 80 doesn’t seem that old any more! Hope you’re up to your usual fun for this birthday. And I’m looking forward to hearing more about the OPLA project.

  2. Hi LIZ, this is Cherrie. Met you in Oracle on the street and again when I stayed at Cherry Valley.

    Love the OPLA plan. I wrote a series in Naples NY of older people remembering the town as it had been when they were young.

    Looking forward to more posts. Cherrie Barbour

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hello, Liz, I too will turn 80 this year. I’m celebrating with new knees. One is in and I’m going through the physical therapy necessary for full mobility. The next one in a few months, not yet scheduled. I too live alone, though I have 5 living children and three step children to say nothing of grandchildren and great grandchildren. And yet it’s lonely. I’m ready to get this first knee fully operable and have some fun before I jump into the second knee. Thinking of a European River cruise, as something I could probably do without 2 fully functioning knees! Love your camping stories. I’ve done some camping, but not enough to take off on my own. Ive always enjoyed it, though. There is something about being able to see the stars! Shirley

  4. Happy Birthday from the mother of Cathi Hanauer, author of the new essay collection, The Bitch is Back, in which Kate is featured. We just came back last night from a 10 day trip to Iceland which included four men 80 or older and their wives, all 79 or older. We were peppier than the younger travelers! Didn’t miss a waterfall, glacier, lava field or hot spring bath. No camping out but lots of hiking and climbing. I’m looking forward to reading about your birthday celebration!

  5. So happy to see this, I have wondered about you! And…apparently we share a birth date, mine is also July 19th. Your blog is so inspiring to me. I am several years younger but am always in need of inspiration and examples to keep my lazy self moving. My husband mountain bikes, hikes, and works out on a daily basis at 73 so it’s important that I work at staying active too. We travel back and forth in our motorhome between Chicago in the summer and Apache Junction (near our grands) in the winter; we’re striving for many more years of this lifestyle. Happy belated birthday…keep on, keepin’ on!

  6. I hope you had one of your best birthdays yet! I expect your other readers are just as anxious as I am when we don’t see new posts coming out. Adventures or not your life insights are a treat!

    I live in the deep south and camping in the summer is almost out of the question during the summer, but I try anyway. I read about all these beautiful places and travel plans from you and think that “someday I will be able to do that too!”
    But for now, work is calling.

    Take care.

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